painting / Youri Chasov


Venice Masquerade,2014,acrylic on canvas,33x52,5 sm.

"Goldfish Venice"2012-14,acrylic on canvas 40x50sm.

"Gandoler"2013-14,acrylic on canvas 40x50sm.

"Hi Michelangelo"2014,acrylic on canvas,40x50sm.

"Shadow of the past"2003
acrylic on board,70x49,8sm.

"Ah sea,the sea…"2009 acrylic on board,52,4x33,4sm

acrylic on canvas 40x50sm.,sold

acrylic on canvas

"Still Life.cherry-peach"2009 acrylic on canvas,47x32,5sm.

"Still Life,apple-banana"2009 acrylic on canvas,38x27sm.

In search of a better life,1990-2003,oil,acrylic on board,59,5x65 sm.

A bouquet of happines,2008,acrylic on canvas,60x60 sm.-sold


Rose in the water,2001,acrylic on cavas47x62 sm.-sold

With love,2001,acrylic on canvas,41,7x57 sm.-sold

"The hope"2001 acrylic on canvas,62x47sm.-sold

Nameless heght ,1993-04,tempera on board,59,3x118 sm.

"Woman is everywhere-peace"1987 tempera on board,59,5x55,5sm.

"Everybody to his own"1993 tempera on board,70x70sm.-sold

Bigger than the better,2003,oil on board,73x93 sm.

The Cavalcade,1993,tempera on board,59,2x118 sm.-sold

tempera on paper(sold)

Tree of life-9,2017,acrylic on canvas

Tree of life-9a,2017,acrylic on canvas

Silencer,1993-95,tempera on board,58x86,2 sm.-sold

A Human to the Sun,1993,tempera on paper,58x86,5 sm.-sold

Magician of Ozz`s,1993,tempera on board,59,2x84 sm.

Contrast draftsman,1993, tempera on board,59,2x84 sm.

Name of Rose,1993,tempera on board,59,2x84 sm.

Endless Story,1993,tempera on board,59,2x84 sm.

I the Magic Garden,1993,tempera on board,59,2x84 sm.

tempera on paper,60x90sm

Word is not a sparrow,1993,tempera on board,59,2x84 sm.

tempera on paper(sold)

A woman`s joy,1982-89,tempera on paper,33x44 sm.

Runaway on the waves,1982-89,tempera on paper,37,9x45,8 sm.

Thougtful,1989,tempera on paper,37,5x48 sm.

Bird of happiness,1989,tempera on paper,32x48 sm.

We are from the same city,1989,tempera on paper,50x70 sm.

copy F.Leighton,oiü canvas,sold

copy,oil on canvas,sold

copy J.Vermeer,acrylic on bard,sold

copy G.Klimt,2013 akrylic on canvas,50x50sm.sold

copy F.Roubaod,oil on canvas,sold

oil on canvas-sold

copy I.Shishkin,oil on canvas,sold

copy I.Aivazovsky,oil on canvas,sold

copy I.Aivazovsky oil on canvas,sold

copy I.Levitan oil on canvas,sold

Copy,oil on canvas,sold

copy Egorov,oil on canvas,sold

copy C.Monet,acrylic on canvas,sold

copy C.Monet,acrylic on cavas,sold

Copy,pastel on paper,sold

Copy,acrylic on board,sold

copy A.Shilov acrylic on canvas 21x30sm.,sold

St.Peterburg,40x50 sm.,oil on canvas(sold)

"View of the the tower Kick in de Keck"2000 oil on canvas,70x50sm.(sold)

"View of the Fat Margaret1"2000 oil on canvas,70x50sm.(sold)

Air-land-water,2001,acrylic on canvas(sold)

s.l.,1982,w/color on paper,40x50 sm.