1.Easter-l.2.S.l.-11 3.S.l.bastion 4.Two halves 5.Butterfly-1b 6.Dove 10pl

1.P.A.Renoir 2.Balet-5 3.Face-abs-5d 4.P.Chaikovsky-4bw 5.J.Lennon-4 6.Ura-M2s 7.I.Smaktunovsky 8.Picasso-3g 9.M.Shemjakin


Composition devoted to Year of the cock,which is based on the cock,head,eveninig landscape,line,numbers…

Neo-expressionism by Youri Chasov

1."Abswoman"2015 2."Lyc"2015 3."Head abstract"2015 4."Flower expression"2014 5."Abs191"2015 6."Absex82"2013 7. 8.Arndam 9.J.Lennon 10.Supremask4a

Youri Chasov Fine Art